Omniguard in brief

The value of early detection is immeasurable in protecting human life and property. Since more than 50 years Omniguard® detectors are being used in a wide variety of high-risk applications around the world.

The company’s head office is located in Hammarby Sjöstad in Stockholm. The company is represented worldwide and conducts sales directly to customers and via distributors.

Our history

Omniguard® developed the first Optical UV Flame Detector.

Three entrepreneurs from Honeywell formed Det-tronics. They developed UV flame detectors by using Honeywell UV sensors. Det-tronics and Omniguard® started to battle for market share.

Omniguard® kept on improving and introduced new models of UV Flame detectors including UV Flame Detection Systems.

Omniguard® developed the UV/IR Flame Detector.

Omniguard® developed the Multi-Spectrum IR flame detector.

Omniguard® was acquired by Firefly. Marketing, manufacturing and new product development were moved to Stockholm, Sweden.

Omniguard® launched the 1100, 2100 and 3100 series Gas Detectors.

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